About Us

Bhutan Smart Shop (BSS)

Bhutan Smart Shop (BSS) was established in 2017, with a dream to promote local produce and deliver fresh veggies and fruits at customer's doorstep by bringing the stores on an online platform. One can order products just at a click from your PC or your mobile phone and get delivered instantly. 

Inspired by the vision of His Majesty the King to become self-sufficient in food products, BSS aspire to build an efficient marketplace to connect producers and consumers to promote agribusiness to realize the dream of self-sufficiency in veggies and fruits.    

Today, our farmers produce enough agricultural produce for self consumption and in excess as well for commercial purposes, however due to lack of market facilities, the produce never gets to the consumers plate. This has led our farmers to be rebarbative in taking up farming as a full time profession.

Bhutan smart shop is now taking market facilities to our farmers to encourage take keen interest in agricultural business. We now collect agricultural produce from all the Dzongkhags. 

Besides distributing veggies and fruits to other vendors, and selling it from our stores directly, we also sell it online via our site (www.bhutansmartshop.com) and apps with an online payment option, currently we deliver it at free of cost. Today, we cater only for Thimphu residents as our main customer. Our store is located at Babesa, Thimphu.

Besides giving access to market facilities for the rural communities, we also provide professional advice on farming methodologies, crop rotation, inter-cropping options with early control methods and insect and pest management and of course choosing the right crops for commercial viability. 


Why order online?

With online shopping facilities, one can save time which can be used for other productive work, save money, reduce traffic congestion and help reduce pollution. Online shopping helps customers keep records of their expenses and make them financially conscious about their day to day expenses. Also through online shopping one gets a special discount coupon on occasions.