Slipper gourd (local)/ Olochoto

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Whether it's consumed fresh, in juice form or dried, the caigua has been shown to have a host of health benefits including a reduction of cholesterol levels and circulatory problems, and the vegetable also acts as an anti-inflammatory, has a hypoglycemic effect, reduces coronary problems and controls hypertension. Caigua is best known to improve heart health and protect it from the negative effects of cholesterol. Likewise, the plant promotes weight loss and boosts the body’s overall digestive profile. The medicinal herb purifies the blood as well. In addition, caigua fortifies the immune system against infections and alleviates pain in the internal organs. Caigua also promotes healthy skin and teeth. Caigua prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Caigua staves off blood impurities, various infections, and malaria. Caigua alleviates digestive issues, skin inflammation, and kidney disease. Caigua supports the heart and the digestive system. Caigua boosts overall blood circulation and immunity. Caigua improves both skin and oral health.

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